Gaurdian Security Screens

Gaurdian Security Screens

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The Crealco security barrier for windows and doors is the latest to the Crealco product range.The Gardian Security barrier is a robust yet aesthetically appealing security barrier system offering the assurance of safety in your home and business space.The Gardian has unique sliding insert in the upright bottom-end to accommodate for uneven floor levels.


  • Accommodates uneven floor levels with unique upright, flight and bottom guide design
  • Temper proof due to double lip head rail with unique wheel placement design
  • Added security with stainless steel bar insert into bottom guide (optional-refer to manual for DIY)
  • No dirt or dust collection due to low bottom track with no cavities.
  • Slam lock option available
  • Crealco components available in black or white


  • Available in white and bronze powder coated finishes – other colors available on request
  • Finishes match the Crealco patio doors and sliding windows


  • Hardware design to give minimal lateral movement
  • Unique hardware designed to ensure quality of the product
  • Spare parts are available from Wispeco appointed stockists nationwide