Infinity Glass & Boardroom

We specialize in, supply and install the following Infinity Glass & Boardroom Glass Patricians in South Africa

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The Crealco Infinity glass and board room partition offers the flexibility to create a uniquely glazed environment within commercial building applications.
The Crealco Infinity has been design for easy installation, fitting single or double glass panels or wood veneer panels into the system. The Crealco Infinity also allows for blinds to be incorporated into the frame allowing for privacy when required.



  • Unique clip-on profiles
  • Removable power skirting accommodating electrical plug points
  • Designed to incorporate timber or Clipp 44 aluminium doors
  • Venetian blinds can be incorporated
  • Two part corner profile for angels ranging from 15 to 90 degrees
  • Specifically designed still to accommodate electrical and network cables
  • No punch tooling required


  • Designed for single or double glass panel
  • 16mm Wood veneer panels are feasible
  • Accommodates 6mm, 8mm and 10mm glass panels

Gasket & Seals

  • Good quality and affordable gaskets and seals are locally available
  • Only 3 gaskets required for deferment configurations


  • Available in a variety of popular architectural powder coating colors and finishes


  • minimal fittings and hardware required
  • Locally available


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