Crealco Casement 38 Aluminium Windows

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casement 36Advance Fenestration we stock and install Crealco Casement 38 Aluminium Windows in South Africa. The Crealco Casement 38 (38mm outer frame) is a project top and side hung window suitable for both residential and commercial applications. The Crealco Casement 38 window offers various window configurations to best suit your fenestration requirements. The maximum permissible sizes for the Casement 38 top hung opening pane is 1500m x 1200mm (w x h) and for a side hung opening pane 700mm x 1500mm (w x h).


  • Designed to accommodate burglar bars if required
  • The window is draft-free and watertight due to the use of effective seals
  • Vents (opening panes) hinges on friction stays that allow the window to remain open at various angles without using a peg stay
  • Can be built in a face brick wall or a plastered opening
  • Insect screens can be added at the time of manufacturing or at a later stage


  • The Casement 38 window is suitable for both single and double glazing options
  • It allows for various thickness of glass ranging between 4mm clear float glass, 6.38mm laminated safety glass and 25mm SIGU double glazed glass

Gasket & Seals

  • High quality, locally available gaskets and seals are available
  • Affordable and reliable


  • Available in a variety of popular architectural powder coating colors and finishes


  • Designed to accommodate standard local hardware

Test Results

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