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Energy-efficient fenestration for every project.

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Unobtrusive function and endless views.

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Excellence in energy conservation and privacy.

About us

Advance Fenestration specializes in the design and manufacture of architectural aluminium systems, aluminium windows and aluminium doors for the local and export market. We offer a full range of products and have well over a decade of experience and expertise.

From residential to retail and commercial finished aluminium window products, we offer a turnkey solution to your needs. In order to maintain our high standards, we oversee the entire value chain from design, manufacture, and supply, to installation and service of all our aluminium systems. This allows us to ensure a strict quality control while still providing great service.

For every project, a dedicated account and contract manager is appointed to provide specialist expertise. The contract manager is involved in the entire process. This allows the clients to have one-on-one interaction during the project.


ad·vance (ăd-văns′). To cause to move forward, To put forward; propose or suggest, To aid the growth or progress of, To raise in rank; promote, To cause to occur sooner.


fen·es·tra·tion (fĕn′ĭ-strā′shən). The design and placement of windows in a building. An opening in the surface of a structure

Our Latest Projects

aluminium windows and aluminium doors
Broad Acres

We pay great attention to detail with all our projects. Just have a look at these beautiful windows and doors we installed in Broad Acres.
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aluminium windows and aluminium doors

No matter the size and scope of your projects we are more than capable of getting it done!
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aluminium windows and aluminium doors
Emperors Palace Gallery

With years of experience and expertise, we are sure to make any project shine!
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aluminium windows and aluminium doors
Chester Stratton

Whether your project is domestic or commercial, we can install and service the products
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