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Energy Efficient Glass

Up to 40% of heating and cooling energy loss from buildings occurs through the windows and doors. In a time of rising energy costs and legislative pressures energy-efficient glass is not a luxury but a necessity. Energy conservation can be achieved using two types of glass namely Low E or Low Emissivity Glass and Double Glazing.

Low E glass has a microscopic metallic coating that prevents heating or cooling escaping through glass by reflecting it back into your building. Double glazing uses the insulating effect of air, gas or vacuum trapped between two pieces of glass separated by a spacer to reduce heat transfer from or into the building. The most comprehensive solution is Double Glazing incorporating Low E glass as one of the panes.

Benefits of Low E Glass

  • Reduces energy loss by up to 30%
  • Reduces glare
  • Protects furniture from damaging UV rays
  • Reduces energy requirement for heating or cooling
  • Reduces condensation in Double Glazed units

Benefits of Double Glazing

  • Reduces heating and cooling loss
  • Insulates from cold or heat penetrating into the building envelope
  • Lessens need for artificial heating and cooling
  • Reduces condensation
  • Sound deadening properties makes your building quieter
  • Increased security
  • A wide range of glass combinations offer a solution for any budget or required property

Advance Fenestration offers a large variety of glazing options including standard and high-performance Low E glass. We manufacture our own range of Double Glazing and is also a proud PG X1 and X2 accredited installer.

PG E-Range low Emissivity Single Glazed

The E Range is a single glazed low emissivity glass designed to give superior insulation.


  • Superior thermal insulation for single glazing

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PG SolarShiellaminated Reflective Coated Safety Glass

SolarShield provides high solar control in a range of colors. Typical applications include; commercial building entrances, glazed partitions, skylights and anywhere where high solar control is needed.


  • Glare reduction in buildings
  • Hugely reduced energy costs due to high solar control properties
  • Building envelope longevity

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PG SolarVue

SolarVue provides medium solar control and a low-reflective appearance in a wide range of colors. Typical applications include; curtain walls to office blocks & entrance lobbies, solar energy control, glazed partitions, and screens.


  • Glare reduction in buildings
  • Reduced energy costs due to solar control properties
  • High natural light transmission
PG ColorVue

ColorVue laminated safety glass products are made from various combinations of clear tinted glass and PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayers. Typical applications are; where color is required, medium solar control.


  • Strength
  • Safety and Security
  • Solar performance
  • Glare reduction

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PG X1 SmartGlass low-E range

X1 Standard, Plus, Elite SmartGlass. This glass comes in 3 variants each with their own features and benefits.

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