We specialize in, supply and install the following Facade 60 Thermal Curtain Wall in South Africa

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The Crealco Facade 60 curtain wall system is the latest cutting-edge product to be added to the Crealco product range. The Crealco Facade 60 is a remarkable, high-performance curtain wall system, providing manufactures the flexibility to fabricate high-performance building solutions.

The Facade 60 is uniquely designed for the South African market, with outstanding thermal efficiency properties.



  • Thermally efficient, thus reducing building costs
  • Accommodates window and door inserts
  • Designed for easy manufacturing
  • All aluminium and hardware components are locally available
  • Unique mullion jig to fit transoms


  • Designed for both single and double glazing combinations
  • Can accommodate up to 10.38mm for single glazing
  • Gaskets & Seals
  • Locally available Inflex (EPDM equivalent)


  • Both standard and non-standard colours available (SABS approved)
  • Anodised (15 Mic) for inland
  • Anodised (25 Mic) for coastal


  • Minimal fittings and hardware required
  • Locally available
  • Stainless steel fixings