At Advance Fenestration, we supply and install the following Quality Aluminium Windows in South Africa

We supply and install many types of quality Aluminium Windows anywhere in South Africa. See below a list of some of our products. Need assistance? Contact us now!

Crealco Casement 28 Window

The Crealco Casement 28 is a projected top and side hung window system for the residential market. The Casement 28 window is a popular selection as it provides clear views to the outdoors and is particularly well-suited for spaces that are difficult to reach such as over a kitchen sink.

Crealco Casement 30.5 Window

Specifically designed for the residential market, the Casment 30.5 is affordable yet classic in style. Top or side hung configurations are available.

Crealco Casement 34 Window

The Crealco Casement 34 is similar to the Casement 30.5. It offers top or side hung configurations and is stylish yet cost effective.

Crealco Casement 36 Window

Tough, durable and suited for both residential and commercial markets, the Casement 36 is exactly that. It offers top or side hung configurations and is designed with quality in mind.

Crealco Casement 38 Window

The Crealco Casement 38 is suited for the commercial and residential markets. Designed to suite traditional or contemporary building styles, this window is very flexible and attractive.

Crealco Casement 41 Window

The Crealco Casement 41 window (41 mm outer frame) is a projected top and side hung window. The Casement 41 offers various window configurations perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial building applications.

Crealco Edge thermal break casement Window (42mm)

The Crealco Edge is designed for both residential and commercial markets. It is the first thermally broken window designed in South Africa, for the South African market.

Crealco Wrap straight cut Window

The Crealco Vert 70 is equally suited for the residential and commercial markets, high rise or ground floor spaces, bringing an aesthetic yet highly functional feature to your building. The window is an attractive, practical and affordable product for your modern building.

Crealco Roque Sliding Window

The Crealco Rouge patio door is the latest domestic sliding door to be added to the Crealco range. With its beautifully balanced aesthetic features this patio door is the most ideal and economical choice for the home owner. The Crealco Rouge has been designed with thermal efficiency at its forefront. The door is designed for single glazing only and can be fabricated as a 2, 3, 4 or 6 panel slider.

Crealco Elite sliding Window

The Crealco Elite has been designed to be light, yet durable. This window is the latest addition to the Crealco range of aluminium sliding systems for the domestic market.

Crealco 500 Slenderline sliding Window

The Crealco 500 Series slender line is a slim and elegant sliding window. It’s a trusted domestic sliding window and has been on the market for numerous years.

Crealco 1000 Sliding Window

Available in 2, 3, 4, 6 panel configurations, the 1000 series sliding window is secure and attractive. Perfectly suited for commercial and residential applications.

Crealco Serene Casement/Tilt and Turn Window (52mm)

The Crealco Serene window and door system is a European style aluminium product, manufactured with high quality hardware. The versatile Serene window and door is characterised by broad, smooth and rounded edges and is beautifully finished to create a modern and sophisticated look. As part of its versatility, the Crealco Serene can be designed as a hinged door or casement window, as well as an innovative tilt and turn opening system. The distinctive inward tilting feature, allows for natural airflow. The Crealco Serene is the ideal product for high-end residential and modern commercial buildings.

Clip 44 Shopfront Window

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Crealco Pivot 38 Window

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Crealco Palace High Performance Sliding Door/Window

The top of the range Crealco Palace high performance sliding door is perfect for the middle to upmarket home. The Crealco Palace allows for large door openings of up to three meters high and will withstand severe windload and weather conditions.

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